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Summer holiday in the "Ausserland" region

The Styrian "Salzkammergut" is one of the most beautiful recreation areas of the Eastern Alps. The region surrounding Bad Aussee, Grundlsee, Pichl Kainisch and Tauplitz forms the heartland of this marvellous natural landscape with its enchanting lakes and mountains, crowned with the eternal ice of the Dachstein glacier.

Lake Grundlsee with its impressive mountain scenery is the largest natural lake in the province of Styria. It is a nature preservation area, and its shores are freely accessible nearly everywhere along the lake. Just a stone's throw away from MONDI Resort at lake Grundlsee you have the choice between romantic light walks, low mountain range hiking and high Alpine trekking tours.


Small larch-wood chalet-style houses with carved exterior woodwork, small glassed-in verandas and cloak rooms glow in vibrant red tones in the summer sun. Lake Grundlsee in the Ausseerland-Salzkammergut region, with its kilometres of natural beaches is a true Eldorado for swimmers, divers, sailing enthusiasts, sunbathers and nature lovers.

It is a miracle that Grundlsee has retained so much of its natural charm considering the wide range of hiking and walking opportunities and the modern riding school it has to offer.

The Grundlsee parish church (1888, neo-Gothic), the chapel in Gößl (1819/20, construction sponsored by Archduke Johann), the imperial stable ("Kaiserlicher Stall") with galleryand the "Via Artis", an artist's pathwith four stopping places are all well worth seeing.

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Lake Toplitzsee - an everlasting myth

Between 1943 and 1944 the Nazis used the area around lake "Toplitzsee" as a marine test station.

As the end of war became more imminent and the Allies were closing in on the Nazis, the SS ordered their men to dump weapons, explosives, documents, ammunition etc. in the lake in an act of desperation.

Since 1959 there have been repeated salvage operations in the lake, some of which have been successful. However the myth of hidden treasures deep in the murky depths of these unyielding waters remains.

According to legend Archduke Johann and Anna Plochl met for the first time on the banks of Lake Toplitzsee.

You can hear more interesting information about Lake Grundlsee and Lake Toplitzsee on the 3 Lake Tour which take visitors to the source of the river Traun.

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The scenic beauty and the characteristic architecture; a pot-pourri of all styles from Romantic to Gothic and Baroque to modern age. This makes Hallstatt such an attraction. The Dachstein/Salzkammergut region was declared a world cultural and nature heritage by the UNESCO in 1997. It is one of the world's most beautiful lake areas; the World Heritage Museum, the bone house and world's oldest salt mine have all combined to putting Hallstatt on the map.

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The Styrian Salzkammergut

The Styrian Salzkammergut also known as the "Ausseerland" incorporates the municipalities of

Bad Aussee, Altaussee, Grundlsee and Gößl and is an autonomous region with its own cultural peculiarities.

Until the 15th century the Salzkammergut and the Ausseerland was directly owned by the Austrian Emperor (Kammergut). Later disputes over salt mining rights led to the handing over of the region to the Styrian province. During WW11 and the period of occupation by the US forces, the Ausseerland was incorporated in the administrative department Oberdonau (province of Upper Austria). The Ausseerland was returned to the province of Styria in 1955.

Inextricably linked to the Ausseerland is the Narcissus Festival. It is held alternatively in Grundlsee and Altaussee. Likewise the Altaussee Beer Festival in September, the "Seer" concert in Grundlsee and the famous Aussee Carnival to mention just a few of the attractions.

Traditional dressmakers, bespoke tailors and seamstresses, "Lederhosen" makers, silk printers and hatters are professions long gone in most areas; here they are alive and thriving.

Styria - the green heart of Austria

Holidays in harmony with nature: refreshing for body and soul

Nature, pleasure and congeniality are central to a holiday in Styria . Styria's excellent reputation is characterized by nature and its treasures: woodland, wine, apples, pumpkins, crystal clear drinking water, thermal water - all typical to the province of Styria. The Styrian people are good-natured, humorous, honest, sporting and attached to their native soil.

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To ensure a relaxed and safe arrival please comply to the Austrian road safety regulations which legally require the use of winter tyres from November till April.

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