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Benvenuto to MONDI Hotel Tscherms

– the holiday idyll with Italian flair

Our newly renovated hotel is located where the best of both worlds meets – in Merano and Environs where the Mediterranean climate meets the alpine mountains. From our charming, family-run 4-star hotel you can look out over the sublime Dolomites, with apple tree orchards, chestnut groves and vineyards right on your doorstep. Nature or culture? You can always have both here. The spa town of Merano/Meran is just five kilometres away. The area is rich in hiking trails. You can go mountain hiking, skiing, cycling or mountain biking.

The MONDI Hotel Tscherms with its 43 rooms and apartments, the Restaurant Terz and the in-house swimming pool combines elegance with casualness, modern design with a cosy atmosphere. Come whenever you like – in the first mild days of spring, for a summer holiday, for a feast in autumn or for a winter holiday. Once you've been here, you'll come back. Again and again.

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