– on a passeggiata through the spa town

There is hardly anything that sums up the essence of the Italian attitude to life as precisely as the passeggiata, that stroll in the early evening that is part of the social bonding, of seeing and being seen and the joy of life. And where could this be better than in Merano/Meran, the old spa town where Empress Sissi liked to spend time to rest and relax, but also Franz Kafka, Arthur Schnitzler, Christian Morgenstern and many more?
The spa town of Merano/Meran is just five kilometres away from our hotel. Merano/Meran, in short, is magnificent Art Nouveau architecture, green parks and promenades, flowering gardens, a spectacular modern spa and above all a mild climate all year round. Stroll around here, between palm trees against an alpine backdrop – drive to Merano/Meran in the evening to eat or during the day to visit Trauttmansdorff Castle or one of the museums or to stroll along the arcade lanes.

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