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Churches, monasteries, castles and gardens

– on the trail of history and the fine arts

You can already see one sight from our hotel – Castel Monteleone/Schloss Lebenberg, which towers majestically over the village of Cermes/Tscherms. The magnificent castle complex was built in the 13th century and is within walking distance of our hotel. Lose yourself in day dreams of olden times during a visit, for example in the French ornamental gardens or the pretty courtyards of the complex, in the chapel or the old hall of mirrors. And as if that isn't enough: the approximately 40 churches, chapels, monasteries and convents in the area tell of the importance the church once had here. There is much to explore on the historic hiking trails that were once used by pilgrims, merchants and knights: palaces, castles, art, painting. And all this extends even to the present day: On the Lana Sculpture Trail you can also admire the works of contemporary artists.

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